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Claire Burdett is a social media wizard. She knows how to make circles of goodness to connect to interesting people, groups and conversations. Without her SCAD would not have got started and now we are flying!

Katie Allen, International Project Manager /
Social Change and Development (SCAD)

Your brand’s visibility is our business

Established eons ago back in April 2009, we were the first in the UK to specialise in using social media for business, and are also probably unique in that all three female founders initially met on social media.

We are dedicated to the art and science of making your online marketing work for you. Leveraging your content marketing, inbound marketing, SEO, and social media marketing all together so your brand becomes more visible online.

Why visible?

Visibility remains key to people finding you and deciding to buy from you rather than someone else, and with nearly all sales now starting online, getting found matters.  Yet digital is a crowded and noisy space. Social media posts have doubled in the last year as life shifted online. People are interested in your brand if it’s sharing something they care about, but only if they can find you.

And there’s the rub.

When you aren’t visible, people ignore you because they don’t see you. When that happens the algorithms learn people aren’t interested and stop showing them your posts, and then your popularity plummets and your Google ranking drops like a stone.

It’s a lose-lose.

That’s not fair to the many unsung business heroes delivering terrific service and value, so we have developed a system we call Social Traction that helps leverage your expertise to create and maintain your online visibility.

We help you cut through the noise so you can keep on  delivering good business.




Claire at The Media Marketing Co really knows her stuff and she and the team were instrumental in the social media aspect of our new brand launch, both strategically and tactically.

On the days leading up to the brand launch and on the day of the launch itself we had lots of positive social media activity thanks to Claire’s dedication, insight and advice.

Debbie Birch
Marketing Officer

 Blind Veterans UK

Cision UK worked with The Media Marketing Co, and in particular Claire, from 2009 through 2010 on a project that can broadly be described as a strategic rationalization and extension of existing social media activities.

This included the establishment of a UK blog to act as a hub for all social media activity, and the audit and coordinate the existing activity of Cision staff, in the UK and globally, on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn, ensuring that:

• Regional issues were dealt with on a regional basis
• Recurrent issues were handled according to a template script
• Promotion of Cision content could be assigned to the most appropriate channels
• Marketing activity was fully integrated across social and traditional channels
• All social media activity was trackable and measurable against concrete business objectives

Paul Miller
Head of Digital

 Cision UK

We started working with TMMC, and in particular Claire, when we were looking for training with our web background work particularly with SEO and social media strategy.

To say this part of the overall exercise for us was successful would be an understatement as we were able to shift through the gears in just a few days and get ahead of target in all the rankings we were looking at in that time. We used a combination of one-to-one bespoke sessions and follow up webinars.

The lasting legacy of good training is still evident with the fact that we can still continue with what Claire taught us because we’ve managed to remember what it was she said!

As an aside, or so we thought, to this training, Claire was also able to help us focus on our International Strategy and make the sum of our worldwide network much more than we seemed able to do on our own.

Carl Cox

Great Value Banners

I just wanted to thank you SO much for your time in training me in social media marketing this morning. I feel completely enthused and excited about EVERYTHING we discussed!

Thank you, you were very kind and it was HUGELY appreciated.

Arabella Christian
Love Your Classics

Thank you so much for yesterday – I really enjoyed our session and it was great to meet you. Lots of new information to process, but I’m sure having some in depth SEO knowhow will help us with the re-launch of our company website and future projects.