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We’re happy to be known as data geeks when it comes to analytics. We love analysing our clients’ social media, digital marketing and SEO campaigns. We like looking at their sales funnel and conversions, and seeing what worked and what didn’t. Not only do we know how important it is to be able to measure and assess the impact of a campaign, we do (…shush, don't tell everyone) actually enjoy getting down and dirty with data.

Basically we find it very satisfying watching the trends develop. It's good to track the progress of a campaign, see a brand gain visibility and enhance its reputation - and our clients agree. Especially good is when the conversions grow and the results stack up, resulting in increased sales.

Our clients find our beautiful, comprehensive and easy-to-understand analytics reports invaluable. They tell us that the reports help them shine a spotlight on exactly what is happening behind the scenes. This enables them to measure what they are doing, whether it is delivering good ROI, driving sales or winning new clients.

Conversely it does make us sad when analytics paint a downward spiral or less than good picture. Hopefully this isn't the case with your brand. However, if that is an issue then we are more than happy to help you improve your social media, SEO, Facebook advertising, sales conversions or just help you get more effective at running campaigns. Just fill in our request form on the Roadmapping Audit page, or just ring us and ask.

And if you need it to present to C suite, let us know what you need including and we can sort that out too.