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Backlink building

  Website lonely or keeping bad company? We can help! 


A vital part of getting into Google's good books but often overlooked or neglected by companies.

Backlinks are the inbound links that connect to your website from other web pages and domains. They are important because they give authority to your content and so signal to Google whether your website is credible or not. The more links your website has, the higher it is likely it is to rank higher on Google.

The more authority a website has (the BBC rates at 100%, for example), the more authority this gives your website if it links to you. However, bad links (irrelevant or from a spammy website) will have the opposite effect.

This isn't helped by bots polluting links. Yes, bots are used for more then spamming your Twitter feed with Russian agenda. They're also set up by suspicious types of companies, you know the ones - selling miracle weight loss tablets, for backlinks. This has led to a lot of Webmaster prejudice, so building backlinks in credible manner is often very challenging.


We will create a backlink strategy covering:

• Keyword research for sweet spots in all niches to feed into content

• Sweetspot keyword SEO applied to existing blogs to optimise content

• Strategy to target keywords that are already ranking but not on front page

• Research most relevant & most popular keywords and hashtags on social media in niches

• Set up Pinterest & Twitter to focus on and target those niches, with sharable media and direct links

• Research top performing relevant blogs/content websites for outreach



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