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Claire Burdett, Managing Director



Co-founder Claire had a background in advertising & publishing before coming in to marketing, and has been immersed in tech and digital since the 1990s. She is a published author, hugely experienced writer and editor, radio presenter and loves public speaking (weird, we know). The proud winner of loads of awards, she particularly likes being a judge on awards for digital excellence - she likes seeing what is happening and trend spotting. She tries to lead an environmentally-friendly lifestyle, which can be a tad challenging when she loves travelling so much!

She founded the first UK Work At Home website, Funky Angel, in 2003, while raising her two girls as a solo mum. She is actually quite the parenting expert, having edited Miriam Stoppard’s bestselling and chart topping 'bible', Pregnancy, Conception and Birth, in a previous life, as well as being a working parent advocate for Vodafone and a frequent eSafety speaker at schools and parenting groups.

Now the girls are all grown, however, businesses in the tech (biotech, medtech, traveltech, tech for good, internet of things), health & medical, travel, and food & wine sectors are her favourites, especially if they are doing social good.

Analytics are her passion. She loves making SEO and data work together with focused content and engaging social media marketing to help brands find their mojo and get visible online.