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Content Audit

  Our Content Audit helps you make the most of your content


Knowledge is power as they say. In the context of content this means knowing whether your content converts traffic or people bounce off, whether it gets shared or ignored. You also need to know what content is driving the most traffic and engagement and whether people like it so much they read 3 or 4 or more pieces rather than just sharing the title link on social media...

If you already have a great deal of content and don't know what is working and what isn't, then a content audit is essential. It will enable you to get under the bonnet of your website and make sure that your content is doing its job properly i.e. attracting, informing and delighting your potential clients, as well as working to get you up to the front page of Google.


In this audit we will:

• Run keyword research in your main niches and identify the best sweetspot keywords. Sweetspots are the keywords that get a good amount of search enquiries but are not saturated with content results. Identifying these and targeting them helps your content to rank higher.

• Check your keywords against your content and the competition.

• Identify the top performing & evergreen content for traffic, popularity, and engagement.

• Look at whether your top content is SEO friendly and identify which content builds inbound links to your website.

• Analyse whether your content is social shareable and if so, what reach it gets and who has shared it. This will help you identify your fans, advocates and influencers.



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