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Content Campaign

  Make your expertise the star of the show
This package is perfect for companies who have expertise but are looking to improve the way they communicate it. Ideal for professional businesses or research organisations. Particularly businesses that have a new product range, are going for an IPO, trying to attract new investment or a new audience.
Brands that have expertise in-house and need to be able to highlight and establish that expertise will find this a highly effective way of amplifying it and reaching their target audience. The Content Campaign runs over a year.

Foundation & Strategy

• Consultation. Working with the expert(s) and assessing existing content and your niche.
• Research into keywords in your niche(s) to find your keywords sweetspots. Keyword sweetspots are the terms that people are searching for that are not as saturated with content. Targeting these consistently will help your content become more visible online.
• Check your existing content for keyword ranking, SEO, traffic and popularity. Establish which are the evergreen pieces and what are the most popular and the least visited or shared. Create a strategy around them to make them work together to create online traction. We'll help you make more of what is working and boost it further. We will also tweak what isn't working to help it become visible.
• Assess the brand's online presence online against the competition. Assess how they rank online for content in your niche.
• Research into audience to establish what they are looking for and where. We will also identify their pain points. Align this with the brand expertise and products.
• Create optimised content strategy, working with your team to ensure it works for them. Establishing processes and goals against a timeline.
• Set up a content calendar, building in all required promotional elements month on month. Includes KPIs and processes for the stakeholders.


Working with the expert(s) we will create the content and make sure it is targeted and focused and optimised. We use a variety of techniques, from questionnaires to copy editing to interviewing to get the text produced. We will then work with the team to create the marketing promotions, funnel and on page conversions.

Content Campaign Package Covers:

• Four optimised articles a month
• Up to one white paper or ebook a quarter
• Set up sales and marketing funnel on the website (with webmaster). Includes conversion CTAs, (call to actions), applying SEO, utm tracking, setting Google goals.
• Produce up to 6 x visuals a month. These can include pictures to accompany blogs or content articles, headers for social media, images to use on Instagram or other social media networks.
• Monthly emails to promote the content.
• Quarterly Analytics Report & Consultation to ensure everything is on track.


From £950+VAT a month.