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Content Strategy

 Are you ready to fall back in love with your content?


The online space is increasingly busy and crowded with content, to the point where there is even a term for it - content shock. If you look at any of the main keyword terms in any niche you can see why, with millions of pieces of content online, all competing for your attention. Sadly this means you can write the best content in the word but it won't get any attention unless it's focused, what people are actually searching for, and promoted.

Why bother, then? Because statistics consistently show that people usually read 3- 4 pieces of content before they buy, so content is clearly essential as part of your sales promotion. However, to make it work you need a content strategy.

In this strategy we:

• Run keyword research in your main niches and identify the best sweetspot keywords. Sweetspots are the keywords that get a good amount of search enquiries but are not saturated with content results. Identifying these and targeting them helps your content to rank higher.

• Identify the top performing & evergreen content and give recommendations for tweaking it for SEO to help it rank higher on Google, as well as promoting it further and upselling off of it.

• Identify underperforming content and give recommendations for improvement and fixes.

• We will look at the competition for your keywords and in your niche, what content they are producing and where it ranks against yours.

• Identify top influencers in your niche and what content they are interested in sharing and covering.

• Pull all this together to create a content plan to help your website start to rank for the keywords in your niche.

• Create an optimised content calendar for monthly content, plus quarterly sales cycles and marketing promotions.


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