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Creating search-optimised, informative, expert content is something we love doing. We know from decades of working with businesses that most don't have time or the inclination - or sometimes the ability - to create content for their businesses.

However, every business needs content because that is what feeds marketing, social media, search and PR. Ultimately to make a sale it is essential for a business to first convey their ideas, gain the customers trust and prove their expertise.

A recent Demand Gen Report reveals that 47% of consumers review at least three to five forms of content prior to engaging with sales associates. Yet despite their good intentions, few businesses find it easy to keep up a good flow of content.

We can help. We can produce search-engine optimised content in many fields, including marketing, health, medical, tech, finance, travel, food, drink, animals, gardening, nature, lifestyle, and many others.

We can also edit inhouse drafts of articles so they are optimised for online usage and in your brand voice. If necessary we can also upload articles and blogs to your company blog, add the SEO, and create or source images to accompany it. Sound good? Check out our tailored Content Packages to see what fits your needs best.