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Digital and Social Advertising

Social and digital advertising can be an effective way to promote your products and services. This includes advertising on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc, as well Adwords and Google grants. Most social platforms have access to great data and so can provide an extremely focused and effective means of reaching your audience. However, it is also fair to say that digital and social advertising can rapidly become a vast money pit when not set up or managed properly. It can also result in traffic that bouncing off your website because people don't find what they are looking for. It can therefore contribute to poor SEO as well as being a waste of money.

Sometimes this happens from a lack of focus on keywords or not clearly defining the audience, or not keeping a close enough eye on it once it’s up and running. Being prepared to stop or redefine an advertising campaign that isn’t giving you good ROI is an essential skill!

Advertising online isn’t just about the adverts either. An advertising campaign that doesn’t have a tailored landing page and a strong call to action is also likely to waste money and lose potential buyers.

If you want to use digital and social advertising but it never seems to work for you, or you simply don’t have time to set it up and manage it effectively, we can help.

If necessary we can help you identify the keywords and pinpoint your audience, and once the campaign is in hand we can help integrate it with the rest of your marketing and sales activity.

As the campaign progresses we can actively manage the campaign so we ensure it maximises your ROI.

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