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Finding your Audience

Finding your audience - and therefore potential clients - on social media is the key to a successful marketing strategy.

It can be tricky working out where they hang out, what they like, whom they respect, what they think is dumb or laughable, and whom they follow. However, it is an essential skill for being able to create a sales funnel that delivers. Getting it wrong is, after all, very costly. Putting all your efforts into the wrong platform or chasing the wrong people is a waste of money, just as advertising in the wrong paper or setting up shop in the wrong part of town would be.

Luckily finding your audience is something we are very good at. We can help you identify your tribe, pinpoint where they congregate, understand what they share and how they like to share it (dark social is a thing, yes, and you should be aware of it). We can even identify what time they are online, who and what they stalk, and ultimately what they click on.

Want to know find out more about how we can help you? Get in touch! We have lots of different tools at our disposal as well as a huge amount of expertise, and we can help us pinpoint your audience, whoever they are and whatever they love.