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9 Steps to Getting on the Front Page of Google

By Claire Burdett

Does your website consistently fail to get on the front page of Google for any of your main keywords? Anywhere near close? No?

Not even sure where to start to get it sorted?

We've got you covered. Helping brands get visible online is at the very core of what we do because it's important. Why? Because:

93% of all online experiences begin on search.

Google has over 80% of the current market share.

75% of people never click beyond the first page.

So basically if your website isn't on the front page of Google for your main products and services then most people won't even see you!

And if they can't find you, they can't buy from you.

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How to get on the front page of Google

About the Author
Claire Burdett is our MD, co-founder and chief consultant. She is "a wizard with social media and SEO" (client's words), and has over 10 years experience of getting website's visible online.

She is a published author as well as a marketer, and has written 10 books, including "WTF can social media do for your business?" in 2009, and "Social Goodness: The New Way to do Business" in 2021.  She has also written thousands of articles, many of which are on how to get your brand visible and your website to the front page of Google - check out our blog.