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Websites: Improve

A good website is essential to help your business sell services and products. However, they don't always do what you expect them to do.

Websites go wrong for a variety of reasons but the bottom line is a bad website affects everything. That includes whether people can find the site, or are able to find what they are looking for once they arrive. Poorly set up ecommerce will prevent them buying, while if it is slow to load people will get bored and wander off. Finally a bad website experience will affect the opinion people have of your business, for good or ill.

Why websites need improving

Sometimes its because they haven’t been built or maintained very well, which can cause crawl issues. Other websites may be buckling under the weight of their photography, which directly impacts load time.

Another type of website is becoming much more common, but is far more difficult to spot. This is the ‘furcoat and no knickers’ website i.e it looks pretty but completely fails to help for your business. Style over substance websites don’t work because they lack landing pages, on page SEO or marketing funnels, so are merely calling cards hanging in hyperspace.

All of these issues and more can have an impact on your website’s performance and therefore your bottom line, which is why websites need regular maintenance to often need fixing and improving.

Clearly in some cases it would be better to start afresh with a new website, and that may be the only solution in some cases. For example, if it's very slow to load, built on an out-of-date platform, badly coded, or in very poor repair it may cost more to fix than replace.

However sometimes it just needs improving, but working out whether it needs replacing or improving can be a whole other problem in itself. Like with cars, most people just need a website that works and don’t really know what to look for ‘under the bonnet’ so to speak. Consequently if you aren’t sure what’s wrong or even where to start looking, do check out our tailored Website Audit Package. We can analyse what's wrong and then you can decide what to do. If you need further guidance then do get in touch