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Integrated Campaigns

Integrated campaigns that bring together multiple channels, including social media, PR, marketing, advertising and offline media, can be extremely effective. When multiple channels are used effectively they work together to amplify your brand's campaign messaging. This can enable your campaign reach areas that can't be accessed just using a single channel.

However, it is often more challenging than a single channel campaign, from aligning content to getting the timing and positioning right. This can very depend on knowing your audience well. Bringing both online and offline together often works well when targeting an older demographic, for example. This is because they still watch television and read magazines and newspapers, as well as using social media. However multimedia and multi-channel campaigns can then present their own challenges around how to scale and reposition content.

Youngsters usually prefer to consume video rather than text, while the opposite is often true of Babyboomers. If you want to reach both age groups how does your content translate?

Reaching a lifestyle audience can be easier, but the quality of the content and how it is presented becomes paramount. Shaky live video and badly-styled photographs will not win you the audience you deserve. In addition, knowing what hashtags to use and the best times to post are essential for reaching potential fans.

Finally, making sure you can measure all the different channels properly so you align data can be a headache. To make this easier we can help get your strategy spot on and know exactly what you are measuring and why.

We have long experience of running integrated campaigns so if you need our extra expertise, get in touch.  We even have a tailored service for those ambitious small businesses hoping to grow, whatever you want to achieve we know how to make it happen, more information here.