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Pinpointing Your Keywords

Indentifying searchterms that work

Pinpointing the right keywords for your website is a fundamental part of digital marketing. Keywords and search terms are at the heart of search engine optimisation (SEO). That is, how Google grades websites. Google ranks pages using SEO so they can provide people with the best answer possible i.e. 'best fit'.

Therefore it’s essential to know what searchterms actually work for your website, products and services. To pinpoint the correct keywords you need to know what your clients are actually searching for. This can be different from what you THINK they're searching for because we often find the two things don’t match!

Another issue is if your main search terms are saturated with other brands promoting their services and products. If this has happened then it will be very difficult to compete just by having your metadata en point. All is not lost if so, but in order to create effective SEO for your website you will need to get clever. By this we mean you will need to build effective marketing with your SEO to create social traction.

What is social traction?

Social traction is we call it when content and marketing work with SEO so Google prefers your website over your competitors. What people are really asking when they are looking for what you are selling is an essential key factor.

We are frequently able to identify keywords and phrases that are being searched for, but don’t have a lot of competition. This is what we call a 'keyword sweet spot'. We can help you identified these sweet spots and integrate them in your SEO strategy and digital marketing.

By leveraging your SEO and working it all together we can then help you get to the top of Google for your searchterms.

So if you need some help with identifying keywords or applying them effectively, please do check out our keyword packages and get in touch.

By the way, we also provide bespoke training and courses if this is something you - perhaps as a copywriter or marketing professional - would really like to get to grips with as part of your job.