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Websites: Maintain

Maintaining websites in good health is an essential part of any web designers' remit. Once a website is built you can’t just ignore it because it immediately starts to deteriorate. This will give visitors a poor experience and reduce your sales conversions, as well as resulting in Google penalties.

Why maintaining websites is important

Websites are usually built on platforms, rather than hand coded, and these quickly get out of date. This the same for the plugins used for extra functionality, and if the platform or plugins aren’t kept up to date this can open the door to hackers and make spam attacks worse. Out of date software can also cause as crawl issues for Google's spiders.

A website also needs it's content refreshed regularly to maintain it’s Google ranking. In addition, the way people describe things and search online changes over time, so content and keywords will need updating to keep them current. Our SEO Strategy Package can help with that.

However, other problems include poor page load speed, which can cause high bounce, and bad or spammy links. Pages that get deleted or moved without a redirect put in place will also cause problems for visitors and Google alike.

Maintaining a website properly includes making sure it stays fresh, doesn’t have any fail pages or dead ends, loads quickly, and works smoothly. This is important to avoid getting Google penalties, which can result in your website being blocked, but maintaining your website properly mainly ensures that it continues to help you win clients and sell products.

Which is the point really, isn't it?  So if your website needs some love, don't suffer in silence, check out our Website Rescue Package and give your Website the TLC it deserves.