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Optimised Content

Writing online content is an art and science these days. Not only does it have to convey information in a clear, engaging and expert manner, but it also needs to be optimised.

Being optimised means that the content includes keywords and terms that are actively being looked for by the people you want to reach. However, there are literally billions of pages online now and every niche is saturated with content. Consequently getting your content on to the front page for your keywords can be a huge hurdle for most businesses.

We can help. We are experts at keyword research for content, finding the ‘sweet spots’ in your niche that are underserved and so offer the best exposure. Sweet spot keywords can help you identify what content people are looking for but are not finding a great amount of answers. You can then use these to create a focused content calendar, and create expert content so it is found by the right people ie those who are looking to buy from you. Or we can do it for you.

If you need the basics covered then our Keyword Research Packages are ideal. However, if you need a bit more of a full optimisation then our Content Audit Packages might be best for you. Check them out to see what’s a good fit for your business or give us a shout.