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PR Campaigns

  Have your brand seen in all the right places


Getting media coverage that’s key to your company, whether it’s on an international website or a local newspaper, is one of your most powerful marketing tools. This is not exactly news, but in the ever-evolving digital landscape there is always room to optimise your company's PR.

Having that third-party validation can easily translate to sharable content around those press mentions. These can then be optimised for social media, newsletters and your website – even in your signature block. 

Many companies already have PR plans which used to work, but that have been stagnating recently. Understandably so, as the PR landscape has changed significantly in the last five years alone.

Getting the recognition your brands expertise deserves in the public sphere can be demanding and coming up with new press releases can be tough. Our PR campaign services can help you bridge that gap between what was working before and campaigns which will work moving forward.

This package is also great for those just getting stuck into their business's PR as we can help you get your footing on the right path.


Foundation & Strategy

• Consultation. Working with the expert(s) and assessing existing PR strategy and your niche.

• Identify where your PR is lacking and where there is room for growth, taking these into consideration when developing our PR campaign with you.

• Establishing which selection of media formats both online and offline are best suited for your niche to gain the best coverage.

• Write an optimised press release, which is suitable for social media, newsletter and website content.

• Curate a pitch which highlights your company's expertise, value and relevance.

• Help you to find new outlets which align with your business niche, as well as reframing PR for known favourite publications.



Working with the expert(s) we will create the PR campaign and make sure it is targeted and focused and optimised. We can use a variety of angles to curate the best press release for your company. 


PR Campaign Package Covers:

• Tailored press releases    

•  Focused Pitch

• 10 x publication reach



From £950+VAT a month.