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Reputation Audit

  Perception really is everything, put the spotlight on your online reputation today

Reputation can be a real make or break for businesses as well as people, and knowing how your brand is perceived is crucial. If you are about to do a big push for investment, perhaps, or going for an IPO, or maybe starting a campaign to attract younger or different membership, starting on the back foot can mean it can badly misfire.

If you don't know, for example, that you brand is seen as being culpable or as untrustworthy, there's no way you can anticipate a bad response to marketing or PR. The stories we tell about ourselves (and remember that a brand is a legal 'self') do matter, yet the stories people construct about us sometimes matter more.

This audit covers what people say about your brand online and it is suitable for a brand that already has a degree of visibility.


In this audit we will:

• Monitor your brand mentions over a period of at least 6 weeks, and assess whether perception is neutral, negative or positive, and highlight the main coverage for you.

• Historically investigate what is said about your brand by who and in what context on blogs and on social media.

• Investigate what staff, present and former, have said about your brand.

• Set up market research to assess people's perceptions of your brand.

• Monitor your brand over the year and send you monthly updates covering mentions about your brand and the key players (Directors, founders etc)



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