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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the science of understanding how Google categorises pages and decides which websites are the best sources of information. Getting SEO right is so important for business because Google is where most people go to find things.

Why websites don’t rank on search

If Google’s algorithms don’t consider a website the best source possible to answer a query, it won’t rank on the first page. Many factors influence where a website appears on Google. These include how the text is written and the on-page SEO. Page ranking will be lower if there are crawl issues, slow load time or no off-page support. Lots of competition from other websites also makes front-page ranking harder.

On the up side your chances of hitting Google’s sweet spot will be greatly improved if you get the SEO right.

External factors in SEO

On-page SEO is not the only important factor. Google also considers whether the page is a useful source of information. This is indicated by the popularity of the page, how many good sites link to it, and the freshness of the content. Bad ranking signals include low traffic, high bounce rate, crawl issues, and spam links.

The alchemy of SEO

At its highest level hitting Google’s sweet spot is really alchemy i.e. it is a blend of art and science. We understand how to make SEO work, and consequently are very good at getting clients to the top of Google. Some of our clients have even asked us to ‘switch it off again‘ because they get so overwhelmed by new business! You have to admit, it’s a nice problem to have 😉

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