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SEO Audit

 Our SEO Audit helps you to make the most of your website
Is your website visible online, can it be easily found on Google? If it is found for anything other than its name, what is it being found for and is it what you want it to be found for?
Do you know how visible your website is on Google? Are you on the front page for all your keywords? No? Then you need an audit and a plan to help fix that!
This report enables you to see exactly how your website is performing. How it is optimised, who links to it, where it ranks on Google for the primary keywords and products, and so on. We look at keyword performance and competitors and identify any blockages that are causing the brand to not appear on Google search.

The SEO Audit includes:

• Organic search – what are your best organic keywords (yes, we know you can’t get them off Google analytics, but we can see them)
• Where your website appears on search pages for your organic search terms
• Where your website appears for up to 10 of your most desirable keywords (rarely the same as your organic search terms, sadly)
• Report with suggested fixes to help make your website more visible on search, including optimising content and for search.


From £250+VAT