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SEO Strategy

  The foundation to getting your website on the front page of Google


Getting your website visible and on the front page of Google is a Herculean task and not one you will achieve without a plan. The key to that is getting your SEO and content and promotional activity working together to provide online traction, and one of the most frequent questions we hear is -

"How do we deliver a content strategy that aligns with SEO to get us up the rankings and on the front page of Google?"

 The SEO strategy is where it starts. Our SEO strategy will give you the roadmap to getting your SEO on point and providing the online traction to achieve just that. Once it is applied clients usually see results within a few months and if consistently built upon and worked in traction with great optimised content and excellent social media marketing, you will get online traction and see your website start to rank on the front page of Google for your key search terms.


The strategy covers

  • SEO assessment - we will do an SEO audit of your website and assess which keywords you are organically ranking for currently and look at where you are for the keywords that you want to rank for. If you are already ranking for keywords we will advise you how to make the most of that and get them on the front page, if they are not there yet.
  • Keyword research - a deep dive in to the main keywords in your niche. We will pinpoint the sweetspot keywords (those with good traffic and limited amount of content) for you to target.
  • Benchmarking - we will assess your website against your competitors and benchmark where you rank against them for your keywords.
  • Content audit - we will look at your existing content and assess it for optimisation and positioning.
  • Keyword mapping to website - we will align the audits against your sweet spot keywords and map them to your website, including content optimisation, image optimisation, metadata and internal linking.
  • Schema and Facebook open graph mapping - we can advise on adding these to these to the website.
  • We will advise you how to best build your backlinks to increase your traffic and rankings.

We will provide you with an initial report that assesses your SEO and ranking positions for the agreed keywords.


Price on application - contact us to discuss your requirements.