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Marketing Training & Consultations

Tailored to your needs

Our training lead and MD Claire Burdett is an experienced social media marketing trainer, and digital marketing consultant.

She runs masterclass training sessions for clients and as part of our partnership with Thames Valley Berkshire Business Growth Hub.  She also offers business consultation.

Inhouse training focuses on creating bespoke in-house training to address client needs, which is frequently around visibility, engagement and conversions. Social media, SEO and content should b e used in tandem to provide online traction and get a business visible to the right audience. Depending on the business this can mean focusing on a specific social media platform, or looking wider and integrating different elements. We also occasionally offer Marketing Training Courses and Webinars – please subscribe to our newsletter to be notified of any forthcoming dates.


1:2:1 Marketing Training Sessions 

These are designed help you make your digital marketing work. This can include reducing bounce rate, optimising the website, focusing on social media campaigns or sales. Sessions last one hour and are conveniently set up online (Zoom conference call) and conducted in office hours. 

Sessions include monitoring keyword ranking, Google analytics, social media analytics and anything else that is relative to what you want to achieve. Homework is set and this is followed up at the next session.

These can be tailored to suit your schedule and needs. We also recommend you take up this option after an in-house training session as it helps you consolidate the training you received.


In-house Marketing Training Sessions

These last three hours and are typically for up to three people, although we can do marketing training workshops for up to 20 people.

They usually cover one social media platform in depth or focus on a specific subject, such as reducing bounce, or improving engagement and conversions.


Business Consulting

Claire is well placed to help you understand how to make marketing work for your business. She can help you improve your business’ reputation on social media, improve your search optimisation, reduce your bounce rate, increase backlinks and keyword ranking to get on the first page of Google, streamline your marketing and sales to improve the business bottom line. 

If this is what you need, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.