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Social Business

Social business is when social media is no longer the sole preserve of marketing, but has become an integral part of every area of work, as well as leisure.

Over the last decade social media has forced transparency on us whether we like it or not. The result is that in order to thrive in today's connected and ever-on world your business must be a thoroughly social business.

What is social business?

Social media marketing is how you build a reputation so people trust you, buy from you and recommend you. It's an important aspect of social business, but not the only one. Social media affects every area of your business whether you think it does or not. Consequently you need to understand how social media is working across your business in order to make sure you are doing it right.

For example, social media is usually where HR advertise for that new employee or seek the hard-to-find 'perfect' hire. The virtual kitchen or water cooler where staff gossip. Where customers find out about you, make enquiries before they decide to buy from you. Where people tend to complain.

In short, social media is where everything happens.

How social is your business?

So what are you doing to make sure your business is truly social? To ensure the right things are said about your brand? To find that perfect employee? Avoid a firestorm of a social media crisis?

Is the sales department working in alignment with marketing? Is marketing helping HR locate social influencers in your niche? Do you have a social media policy in place so your staff know what not to discuss on their personal feeds?

Do you monitor your brand and what people are saying about it? Is social validation working for or against your brand? People always check Google and social media recommendations, and are often swayed by influencers, so what is said about you had better be good.

The same is true of people who might be interested in a job vacancy you might have.  If past - or current - employees disparage you then potential recruits aren't going to want to work for you.

Who in the company knows what to do if you get attacked on Twitter and Facebook? Whether it's the result of an internal issue, bad PR, or something else largely outside of your control, knowing what to do is important. Do you know how to nip trolls in the bud? Stop complainers? Defuse attacks?

How we can help

Is social business guidance or strategy something you need? Do get in touch. We can help you with any of these elements directly as part of your marketing strategy, or for a thorough 360° solution our MD Claire Burdett is a social business consultant who will be able to provide you with a joined up and aligned strategy.

We also offer training courses if you or your staff need to get up to date with social business or elements within that, such as social recruitment.