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Social Media Crisis Management

  How to plan for life's road bumps so they don't become crashes
A crisis can quickly erupt on social media. If a brand doesn't respond quickly, because they are not prepared, it can become a fire storm. Having a social media crisis plan in place can help prevent this, if it is well practiced and rehearsed.
Responding to criticism or inaccuracies on social media can feel like walking in to the lion’s den. Brands make themselves vulnerable as a result of not responding. Not responding leaves a brand looking culpable and allows the general public to make assumptions.

What we can do for you

Monitor your brand at the level that works for you and the situation. This can be from weekly checks to 24/7.
• Work with you to put together a plan that covers most crisis situations. From the most likely reactions to your brand’s output and how you deal with that; through to the worst case scenario. We prepare the PR and the social media rescue and remedy.
• Provide a rapid response to a social media crisis if one erupts. Perfect for those times that you need a timely, well thought through response. Staff can respond within 90 minutes of notification. 
• Be part of the initial response team. Advising on the response requirements, wording, trigger points and influencers. We then monitor the responses and reaction to efforts made. We stay with you until the crisis is resolved and for up to a week afterwards, and then follow it up with reports and a debrief.


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