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Crisis Management

Your brand’s reputation online takes a long time to build and can be badly damaged, even destroyed, in a single day if a social media crisis erupts.

Say something confidential gets shared, for example, or if your social media team inadvertently jumps on a trend without checking first. Maybe you fire someone and they badmouth the company online, or you are slow to respond and it triggers a social media firestorm.

While we can't mend the bad stuff on the inside (although we can advise), we can help you deal with the consequences with our social media crisis management package.

This incorporates a Crisis Plan that is integrated with your PR strategy and set up so everyone knows what happens if A, B or C happens... what the response is; how often you post and what is said; who is the spokesperson; where to send people asking for more information; where things get put and shared online, etc.

We can help you plan your strategy based on the worst case scenarios for your business, and put an action plan in place that will minimise the chances of a crisis blowing up. We can also set up brand listening and monitoring that may help you prevent a crisis from actually erupting.

We can even help you implement it in the event of something going wrong.

While we all hope for the best, planning for the worst is the best way to make sure that it doesn't happen in the first place.

Can we help you with that? Have a look at our Social Media Crisis Management Package or do please get in touch.