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Search Marketing

It is the dream of most companies to get their websites to the front page of Google. Unfortunately few achieve it, except for the very large and well known corporates. However, it's not as seemingly impossible as most people assume. In fact, we have a knack of helping our clients achieve just that.

It can be very tricky to get search engine optimisation right, because it is balancing technical knowledge with creative elements. It's all a case of knowing what works and how it all comes together to help propel a brand up the page rankings. Some clients have called our skill of getting websites to the top of Google "waving our magic wand".

However, while it might be a form of modern-day alchemy, it certainly isn't magic. Think of it more as baking a cake, where lots of different ingredients and processes come together to achieve a delightful result.

What you have to remember is that Google is devoted to trying to give people the answer they really want and need. Consequently if you want to be the answer that Google thinks 'best fits' the question, then you need everything in synch.

By this we mean getting the keywords, on-page SEO, text, inbound links and marketing working together. Once they start to gel then what we call 'social traction' is created, which propels websites up the page ranking. It's not easy, but the reward for doing so is that Google will think you are some kind of wonderful. And what's not to like about that?

Is getting on the front page of Google on your wish list? Then download our guide or give us a shout, it's one of our favourite missions!