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Website Audit

How healthy is your website? Get a check up today and find out!

Is your website fit for purpose? Is it time for a check up? Is it working to deliver a content strategy that aligns with search growth to get you up the rankings on search marketing?

Not only that, but your website is the first experience of your company many customers will have, if it doesn’t keep them engaged then they’ll bounce, losing valuable sales. This disengagement can come from a myriad of factors from unergonomic design to load times to lack of relevant content that hits their sweet spot.

We can provide you with a breakdown of the general health of the website. This report assesses your website from a tech, an SEO and a lead generation point of view. We will evaluate how the whole thing works as a sales, marketing and promotion aid for your brand.

The report includes traffic and where it is coming from, which pages get the most engagement, which pages are underperforming, what is converting and what isn’t. It looks at your SEO and your content and gives you a foundation to start getting those elusive search rankings.


In this audit we will check up on

• Lead generation – Including content what’s working well for your traffic and what isn’t.

• Backlinks and competition.

• SEO assessment and keyword ranking.

• User experience and load time.

• Optimisation for mobile devices and multiple browsers

Once all of this has been assessed we can give you not just stats and figures, but break down the data while giving practical tips to improve things if necessary. We’ll recommend ways for you to optimise your website if it isn’t converting as well as it should be. We give you solutions, not just problems, to improve your pages, retain your traffic and boost your conversion rates.



Allow from £220+VAT